My Companion Australian Labradoodles


Raisdoodles Meghan


DOB 26.6.2017, WALA00016093

Hertta is from Hereford, Great Britain. She is a small medium and charms everyone she meets with her cheeky and joyful character and sweetness. 

Hertta likes to be involved in her families life, loves action and is great to train as she learns quickly. Hertta is the epitome of a happy-go-lucky Australian Labradoodle! 

Hertta has had two litters, 2019 and 2021.

SIZE: medium 43 cm, 13 kg COLOR: red, Bbee  HIPSOFA fair ELBOWS: normal KNEES: normal PRA/PRCDclear VWDclear DMclear EICclear ICclear

Wonder's Raindrop Liinu


DOB 14.5.2018, ALAEU-8620, WALA00016085

Liinu is daughter of our handsome Uuno, and Wonder's Beautiful Dilina. He lives in guardian home and will be one of our future breeding girls. 

Liinu is always happy and ready to play. She loves to run in the woods with her ALD friends. She is highly intelligent and learns quickly. Her coat is straight and soft, colour is like honey or field of wheat.

Liinu has had two litters, 2020 and 2021.

SIZE: medium 47 cm, 15 kg COLOUR: apricot HIPS: OFA good ELBOWS: normal KNEES: normal PRA/PRCD: clear VWDclear DMclear EICclear ICclear

My Companion Nutcase Macadamia


s. 18.11.2018, WALA00023257

Hilma is the daughter of our Nuppu and Toby, a stud imported from USA by another breeder . Hilma is a happy, outgoing and loving dog that lives in a guardian home. Hilma is smart and quick to learn new things as well as naturally kind and obedient.

Hilma had her first litter in August 2021.

SIZE: medium 44 cm, 12 kg  COLOR: apricot HIPS: OFA good ELBOWS: normal KNEES: normal PRA/PRCD: clear VWD: clear DM: clear EIC: clear IC: clear



Dog's Paradise Tinka


DOB 11.4.2016, ALAEU-5464, WALA00011176

Tinka was born in The Netherlands and she moved to Finland in spring 2019. Tinka has a great contact and she is always ready to listen and learn. Her personality suits very well for therapy dog purposes.

SIZE: medium 48 cm, 16 kg COLOR: cafe, bbEE HIPS: OFA excellent ELBOWS: normal KNEES: normal PRA/PRCD: clear VWD: clear DM: clear EIC: clear IC: clear

Happy Doodles Nuppu


DOB 18.12.2013, ALAEU-2711, WALA00016083

Nuppu came to us from the Netherlands. Her pedigree is full of therapy lined dogs and she has produced puppies that are used in therapeutic work. Nuppu has had four litters, and she has been retired.

SIZE: medium 47 cm, 15 kg COLOR: apricot, Bbee HIPS: OFA good ELBOWS: normal KNEES: normal PRA/PRCD: clear by parentage VWD: clear by parentage DM: clear by parentage EIC: clear by parentage IC: clear by parentage