Australian Labradoodle


Australian Labradoodle is an intelligent, friendly and social dog with exceptional intuition and emotional connection to humans. Because of it's nature ALD is perfect for companionship and also has great potential for a guide or assistance dog or therapeutic use as an emotional support.

A typical Australian Labradoodle is happy-go-lucky -kind of a dog that is always ready for a walk or some playtime. Australian Labradoodles are medium active and will need mental work and stimulation with enough to do to be at their best. They are also capable of calming down and sleeping while their people are engaged elsewhere and are usually not demanding of attention. ALD is a quick learner and is usually very well suited for a range of dog related sports.

Australian Labradoodle fits well in a family with kids and is relatively easy to train. It is a good fit to first time dog owners as well because the breed in general does not have dominance or aggression towards people. Still, it is important to put time and effort into the first year and to commit to positive dog training methods. We advise all our puppy families to participate on a puppy class and recommend continuing a class once a week throughout the first year of the dog.



Australian Labradoodles have been bred from the 1980's with a strong vision and a goal to create a new, healthier breed. The most important aspects have been health, low allergy type and a calm and intelligent character suitable for companionship and also for guide and therapy work.

We breed dogs with fleece coat, which is soft and has a silky feel to it. The other accepted coat type is wool, which is more curly and feels more coarse to the hand. Australian Labradoodle does not have an undercoat nor does it shed. The early generation mixtures ('labradoodles') are quite different as they are unpredictable both regarding to looks and temperament. They can resemble strongly either the Poodle or the Labrador or anything in between. In developing Australian Labradoodles several other breeds were also used, e.g. the American and English Cocker Spaniel and the Irish Water Spaniel.

Australian Labradoodle is well tolerated by people with animal related allergies, but there is no guarantee of it's suitability. We advise puppy buyers with allergies to take their time and meet with several Australian Labradoodles to test their possible symptons before making the long term decicion about getting a dog.

Taking care of 


Our dogs have fleece coats which are soft and silky to the touch with varying amount of curls. A multigenerational Australian Labradoodle does not have any undercoat and it's shedding is minimal. Taking care of the coat is something that a puppy buyer needs to be ready for as the soft fleece coat can get tangled and even matted if it's not taken care of properly. Weekly combing and a thorough wash every 4–8 weeks is necessary. The amount of maintenance needed depends greatly on the lenght of the coat and also on how curly the coat is. We strongly advise to have at least a few appointments per year with a professional groomer.

Facts about the


Height: mini 35–42 cm, medium 43–52 cm, standard 53–63 cm.

Colors: black, silver, cream, caramel, red, chocolate and chalk. Also parti, sable, phantom etc. patterns are acceptable. Merle is not approved.

Coat: Fleece and wool.

Life expectancy: 12–15 years.

Trainability: Excellent.

Activeness: Medium active.

For more information please visit the breed standards by the ALAEU and the ALAA.

Toradalriada's Ziggy Stardust "Uuno"

My Companion April's Spell "Molla"

Why do we


Australian Labradoodles have been registered to their own associations which are located in Europe, Australia and North America. Although the history of the breed is short and not totally free of controversy the Australian Labradoodle has very little inheritable problems and its type is stable and recognisable. This has been done by inflicting strong guidelines for breeding and by wide health testing. When choosing a registered breeder you will not be supporting a puppy mill or back yard breeding.

My Companion ALD registeres all their breeding dogs and their litters to WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association).