About us


There are two sisters behind My Companion ALD, Anna and Hanne. We have completely lost our hearts to Australian Labradoodles. We have previous experience of other breeds and breeding, but the development of ALD is a true passion for us. The first Australian Labradoodle came to us in 2012. At present, we have combined pack of three furry friends living in our homes and many more in guardian homes. After a careful background work and consideration, our breeding girls and boys have been acquired from The Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway and Finland. We have also imported frozen semen from many countries, for example Australia, in order to create our own strong and healthy lines with large gene pool.

My Companion puppies are born in our homes in Southwestern Finland, on our "doodle ranch" surrounded by forests and fields. All of our dogs are equally ferocious and accustomed to each other. We want to invest heavily in the beginning of the puppy's life, and therefore one of us is always full-time with puppies as they grow. In the first weeks of their lives puppies will get love and care from us and their mother, and also early neurological stimulation, designed to strengthen the developing puppy's nervous system. We spend a lot of time on socializing puppies with the Puppy Culture method. We like to keep in close contact with our families and we help & support them throughout the life of the dog.

We are particularly interested in the use of dogs as part of pedagogical, psychological or social work and we are happy to see some of our puppies working in these fields.

As breeders, we aim to develop and maintain the Australian Labradoodle breed type. We strive for a balanced, stable and friendly character in our own breeding program as well as good structure and health. All our breeding girls and boys are tested in the manner required by the breed organization - at present the testing includes at least hips (OFA), elbows (OFA), knees, spine, and DNA tests for IC, DM, EIC, PRA / PRCD, vWD and official eye testing (ECVO). Health - both of body and of mind - are our priority. Beauty often follows these features but no esthetical detail (colour, curl etc.) supersedes our priority which is to raise strong, healthy dogs with sound temperament.